The Master Program in Biomedical Sciences at Tzu Chi University, School of Medicine provides the highest quality education and research opportunities for training students in the fields of biomedical sciences, application of biotechnology, and bio-industry. Our faculty includes over twenty scientists from the School of Medicine in diverse aspects of Biomedical Sciences, including biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, physiology, and anatomy. For more information, please visit our website.

Research features and topics:

This program involves the faculty members in the basic medical sciences departments of the School of Medicine.

Our faculty members lead teams to engage in multi-faceted biomedical research with their expertise in various fields. The features of their research endeavors include:

  1. Structure and function of Bio-molecules.
  2. Drug development for the treatment of inflammation and cancer.
  3. Patterns of parasitic infections.
  4. Identification of the components and the functions of herbal medicine.
  5. Relationship between microbial viruses and diseases.
  6. Monitoring and prevention of multiple drug-resistant bacteria.
  7. Host resistance mechanism to pathogens.
  8. Neural injuries and plasticity.
  9. Pathophysiology of respiratory system diseases.
  10. Relationship between diurnal rhythm and metabolic syndrome.
  11. Mechanism of Cell death and regeneration.
  12. Neural mechanisms of stress adaptation.



The goal of our master program is to equip students with specialized knowledge in biomedical sciences and professional capability in bio-technology for engaging in the academic research or biomedical industry.

Core competencies:

  1. Possess knowledge and research skills in the fields of biomedicine.
  2. Have abilities to communicate professional information with others.
  3. Have the ethics in mind to conduct the research or other work-related matters.

Further developments:

  1. Studying in advanced academic program:Students can pursue the doctoral degree in Taiwan or overseas.
  2. Career opportunities:Students may select to become any of the professionals listed below:
    R&D staff in a biotechnology company.
    Administrative staff in a biotechnology company.
    Product specialist in a biotechnology company.
    Clinical researcher.
    Academic researcher.
    Civil servant.
  1. Start up a practice or business:
    Biotechnology company